Bed Sheets that Tell All

Such a PleasureSuch a Pleasure

“Show me your skin and I’ll tell you who you are” or better still what you did last night. Rise and Sigh is a collection of bed sheets that plays with incidents that usually take place behind closed doors, in bedrooms.


The sheets are embroidered with captions that leave an imprint on the sleepers’ body. The embroidery is strategically placed, so that different sleeping positions leave different imprints on the body. Not only do these imprints give a hint about the past night’s atmosphere, they suggest you what to do and tell things about you.

Martina CarpelanMartina CarpelanCreated by Martina Carpelan, who has worked as a Junior Designer at Frostprodukt, these sheets manage to create temporary body art.

The words on the sheet are emblazoned in reverse so that they're printed legibly on the skin. The Rise and sigh series of bed sheets are available in three sets, for the bachelor, for the love affair and for the one night stand. Intriguing and innovative, the sheets should create a stir once they are available off the shelf.