Bed Too Short For Your Bedside Table? The Panier Solution

If your bed is a double, or queen, or king size bed, the proper size sheets are available for it. But beds are not made in one standard height any more, and the designers of bedside furniture are only slowly catching on. One stunning and modern solution is the Panier, by French design team Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

The Panier is a modular table, only nine inches high with a 24" diameter. It is made of translucent polycarbonate, which as a plastic, is the ultimate in shine and translucency. Each module comes with a removable lid, so that the Panier can be used for storage as well as a side table (although I would hate to ruin the effect of the Panier's reflection capabilities on my floor or carpet).


The beauty of the Panier is that it is so flexible that you can raise it pretty close to the level you need at your bedside by adding one or two modules to it and, the 24" diameter gives you plenty of surface area for a lamp, a clock, and a few books or magazines.

Modules can be fixed to each other with opaque joints and additional stability can be achieved by adding inserts to the bottom. When the modules are mounted on top of each other, you can still use them for storage.


The modules are available in multiple transparent colors so you can choose one color or mix them up! The Panier is a lovely, practical design for a modern bedroom (or living room!) and I would place them all over the room!

The Panier is a signature piece by the Bouroullec brothers for Kartell, the Italian manufacturer of the Panier. Available at Hive.