BedJet v2 Smart Mattress Companion Lulls Users To Sleep

BedJet v2 Smart Mattress Companion Lulls Users To SleepBedJet v2 Smart Mattress Companion Lulls Users To Sleep


According to countless commercials courtesy of countless mattress manufacturers, sleep temperatures are at the top of the list when it comes to things that interfere with a good night's sleep. How much of a role temperature actually plays in falling and staying asleep is debatable, but one thing is for certain, and that is that those claims make for great sales pitches and frequent mattress sales. If you believe sleep temperature is an issue for you, then procuring one of these beds is probably on your current wish list of must-have household items. Unfortunately, they're a little out of the price range of a lot of folks. So, what are some affordable options? The BedJet v2, a climate control system for beds that offers rapid cooling and heating, turning any ordinary mattress into a smart mattress.

Mattress Upgrade

Said to feature biorhythm temperature technology, the BedJet v2 has a base unit that fits underneath any bed frame with 7-inch clearance space beneath it and blows warm or cold air under your bedding while you sleep. The product also claims to have a special "temperature neutral sweat drying" mode for getting rid of heavy night sweats by ventilating the bed and drawing all the moisture off the sleeper's body with room temperature air of 79 degrees or lower. Setup is easy, and once it's installed there are no wires, tubes or electricity in the bed with you and no mattress pads to sleep on top of. It even works with certain adjustable frame beds.

Climate Control

Some of the features of the BedJet v2 is that it can continuously run all night and it is compatible with memory foam and quilted mattress toppers, so you don't have to change up a lot of stuff in order to use it. Its so-called "brain" wakes up users by automatically adjusting the temperature of the air it is blowing to match the changes in body temperature during sleep. It connects with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth LE.  iOS and Android versions of the app are available. While it can significantly cool you down, it is not meant as a replacement for your air conditioner.


BedJet v2 Smart Mattress Climate Control: For a better night's sleepBedJet v2 Smart Mattress Climate Control: For a better night's sleep


Product Upgrade

It should be noted BedJet is not a new product. The BedJet v2 on Kickstarter is an upgrade from the original BedJet Climate Control for Beds currently available on Amazon, where it's seen positive customer reviews. This item is viewed as basically an upgrade to your existing bed and includes the BedJet base unit with wireless remote and free Bluetooth App for monitoring and control from your smartphone or tablet featuring automatic shutoff timers and wake up alarm settings. Now you can be comfortable at just the right temperature and throw your alarm away.

Temperature Controlled Bedding

The Luna Smart Mattress Cover is another option currently under development, if you're looking for climate controlled sleep without getting a whole new bed and/or breaking the bank. Like the BedJet system, this product is also operated by an app via a smartphone or tablet and features an alarm, but it appears to be more self-contained with a significantly smaller price tag — at least initially. According to the developer, that will change once they're established and the product gains momentum. The Luna Smart Mattress Cover can also be found on Kickstarter, with a 2015 ship date foreseen by its design team.

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