BedUp Touches Down in Space-Saving Style

For city-dwellers, ample living space is a luxury of which few can boast. And since beds take up a sizeable portion of that precious square footage, it's not only practical but also aesthetic to hide the bed away when not in use, freeing up the area for waking activities.

On the eternal quest for space-saving innovations, the BedUp by French designers Décadrages takes the idea of a Murphy bed to new heights. Not your standard fold-down version which requires the daily moving of furniture, the BedUp gracefully descends from the ceiling in the manner of an elevator, stopping at a predetermined height to accommodate any furniture in the space beneath and making bedtime an easier venture.

Word up to BedUpWord up to BedUp

Ceiling mounted, this fully modern bed frees up twelve square feet of valuable space and for tiny, urban digs is truly a jackpot in the space-saving game. The BedUp also comes with the option of integrated lighting for use when in storage mode, and sports an unassuming, sophisticated design. All yours for a cool $4,300 to start.

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Mar 16, 2008
by Anonymous


Great Idea!

I want one now!!!