Beef iPod Cover - Music Meats the Macabre

That's one "rare" iPod!That's one "rare" iPod!

Leave it to Solid Alliance, home of the USB Squid and many other weird & wacky tech toys to give us this choice, grade A sleeve for our iPods. Rich, red and marbled with faux fat, the Beef iPod Cover is just the thing for those who love their steak rare and aren't afraid to show it!

Plus, you can still play all your fave tunes on your beefed up iPod - Meat Beat Manifesto and My Bloody Valentine optional.

The creative crew at Solid Alliance didn't settle on just designing a meat-like iPod cover, they also packed it in a complementary way - in the same sort of tray that holds real cuts of beef at the local meat market.

Solid Alliance used the same innovative packaging for their USB Squid. Seems a shame to even open these kinds of creative packaging but at least you won't be tossing it into the trash.

If beef is your biz, you'll also want to get a matching Beef Business Card Holder. Ideal for freaking out vegans, PETA members and Pam Anderson. It'll crack 'em up at the next USDA convention, too... just whip it out with a cheery "Nice to meat ya!"

But back to the Beef iPod Cover - it's available through Rinkya Stores, your source for meat, er, neat Japanese gadgets and snacks. This seems to qualify as both!

It weighs under an ounce, and though the cost isn't listed on Solid Alliance's press release the nice folks at Rinkya will be happy to enlighten you. (via Rinkya Stores)