Beer Bands: Not Quite Like Beer Goggles, But Still Fun


With summer comes summer parties and with summer parties comes beer...and coolers...and ciders.  Summer parties can be a great time, but in the midst of all the revelry sometimes drinks get mixed up or tossed out.  Nothing cuts your partying fun shorter than repeatedly losing your drink while you are out dancing and socializing.



Now there is a fun new way to help prevent this misfortune.  Beer Bands by Fred and Friends are colorful, stretchy rings made to fit around your beverage bottle or can.  They come in packs of 12, each being a different festive color.  They also have fun words or phrases printed on them.  There is the “bombed” collection that includes all different terms for drunkenness.  The “personalities” collection which features such favorites as “tease,” “control freak” and “sex addict” so you can have fun labelling your friends.  For the possessive set there is a “mine!” collection.  Of course they have not left out the responsible ones in the group; there is also a collection that includes bands for the “designated drivers”.



The bands are reusable and strong so they can make it through lots of good times.  They are also quite inexpensive and look like they could be a great conversation starter.  I think they would be worth picking up a pack or two for your next shindig.



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