Beer Bread Company: Pre-Mixed Recipes With One Favorite Ingredient

If you ask many men what their favorite thing is, one answer they'll likely tell you is beer. If you ask a woman who dreads cooking what she looks for most in meal preparation, she'll likely tell you prefabricated meals that require little preparation. Put those two things together and you get a unique company that brings together the best of both worlds.

Beer Bread CompanyBeer Bread Company

The Beer Bread Company was originally inspired by the need for easy recipes that only need a few simple things added to them in preparation. In the early stages, the main ingredient that could be added to their namesake mix, was of course beer to complete a bread recipe. Since then, they've expanded to create additional mixes that require only the addition of simple ingredients that any household has anyways. But honestly, it's the beer that really makes them different!

Editor's Update: There are now several companies providing beer bread mixes. You can see some of the many varieties of beer bread  offered here.