Beer Buddy from Asahi: It Can’t Drive You Home

Who is Asahi Beer Buddy and what does he do?

Asahi is a beer-pouring, beer-storing robot from Japan that reflects their love of innovation and creativity meshed with technology. This cool robot gadget helps you pour ice cold beer in the privacy and comfort of your own home without concern of how to get there or knowing where that place is if you tend to overdo things. The Asahi Beer Buddy is a combination refrigerator/bartender who won’t charge you double for working overtime on holidays, even if you end up seeing double after getting a bit too loose with Asahi Beer Buddy’s offerings.

What are some of Asahi Beer Buddy’s advantages?

Asahi Beer Buddy is much smaller than a normal refrigerator and its size means it can fit into almost any room. The Asahi Beer Buddy can store up to 6 beers in cans plus two beer-filled mugs. Aside from keeping the beer cold, with a mere push of button found in the Asahi robot, you can have Asahi open a can of cold beer for you.
Asahi Beer BuddyAsahi Beer Buddy

How can you get an Asahi Beer Buddy to come to your home and stay there?

Asahi is free but the kind of free that comes with a few strings. If you can collect 36 seals found on bottles of Asahi beer, you can redeem them for the Asahi Beer Buddy. This cool robot gadget may even be worth a trip to Japan. I wouldn’t make that decision however, after downing all the beer the Asahi Beer Buddy can store or drink along with you. I would wait until it all passes over.

Cheers to Asahi Beer Buddy.

May all his days be cool and merry (and yours too) with this cool new robot gadget from Japan.
Jul 12, 2008
by Anonymous


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