Beer Drops, The Ultimate Dry Beer

Candy's dandy but liquor is quicker, so the old expression goes. Now you don't have to choose, thanks to a curious combination of booze & bonbons that goes by the name of Beer Drops.

Beer Drops seem to be the answer to a question nobody asked. Sure, they're convenient in a way, but they lack much of what makes beer-drinking enjoyable. The entire experience of cracking a cold one with your buddies can't be distilled down into pale, soul-less lozenges.

Without the frosty mug, the quenching of thirst, and (of course) the alcoholic buzz, what's left is the taste of beer - and really, that comes in rather low on the Things We Love About Beer scale.

One might suppose that any beer is better than no beer, and if that's the case then Beer Drops has its place. At least they come in a can... or is that just teasing on the manufacturer's part?

You'll find Beer Drops on the shelves of Japanese stores like Tokyu Hands, where anyone of any age - even beer-loving kids - can buy them for about $3.75 per can. (via Gaijin Tonic)

Feb 11, 2009
by John P. Barker
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...yet grotesque...

Must... try... beer... drops... (This must be said in a William Shatner voice, BTW).

Cool find.