'Beer Hour' Portable Personal Beer Dispenser Gives You Head

Want a little head with your beer? Now that I've got your attention, the answer is yes! The “Beer Hour” beer dispenser from Takara Tomy helps wannabe bartenders to pour a perfect, foamy-headed glass of beer every time from any beer can.

The device, which comes in your choice of yellow or black & yellow plastic, clamps onto most any make of beer can in from 350ml to 500ml in size. Press down on the “bubble lever” and watch your mug fill up with beer and foam in the optimal 7:3 ratio.

The bubbles in the foam are formed via agitation inside the Beer Hour, where a tiny blade mixer spins. Power is via a single AAA battery (not included).

Takara Tomy, like Bandai and many other Japanese toy manufacturers, has moved their range of products upmarket age-wise to better serve Japan's shifting demographic: basically, there are less children around to buy their toys.

The “Beer Hour” is just what you need to get a head in life... or at least, a head on your beer. It's available now at Amazon.com. Cheers! (via Crunchgear and IT Media)