Beer Vending Machines In Sochi Spread Canadian Generosity

You don't have to look to far past television sitcoms, or big-screen comedies to see Canadians presented as generous, polite, and friendly human-beings. As an actual Canadian, won't burst your bubble and imply that these social perspectives aren't universal norms. Instead, I will further promote that ideology by showing you what Canadian is doing to encourage global connections in Sochi - through beer.

Molson Canadian has setup a beer vending machine in the heart of Olympic Village. I will admit that it is not a traditional business using the vending model, as no actual cash is exchanged to allow thirsty patrons a refreshing Canadian brew. But InventorSpot readers love the vending concept, and the Olympics are kind of a big deal right now, so I'd be doing you a disservice by failing to cover this neat vending machine. 

The Molson Canadian vending machine looks like a branded beer fridge. The catch is that it can't be opened by just anyone - Canadian citizens must present their passport to a specially designed verification technology attached to the machine. Once the beer fridge is opened, Canadians can help themselves to a refreshing Molson Canadian beer , and even share with their friends if they feel the desire to.

Unlike standard vending machines, the Molson Canadian dispensers do not limit the number of beers that can be removed from the device. In fact, the beer company's goal is to encourage camaraderie between people from different countries. Canadians are welcome to share the available beer, while the fridge is open, with anyone they'd like. And certainly, people from other nations would make more effort to connect with Canadians knowing they might be gifted with a beverage (especially if they're American and used to beer with lower alcohol content, and according to some, a less appetizing flavor).

Molson Canadian has unveiled this unique vending machine before, but its presence at Sochi has clearly helped increased its popularity. With the apparent conditions of many local accommodations for media, athletes, and spectators alike, beer distribution to Canadians might just be the thing to offer them comforts with more similarity to what the are used to at home. 

Via: Digital Trends and Mashable

Images via: Molson Canadian Twitter