Beer-Tastic! It's The Remote Controlled Cooler

The weather is starting to turn, the plants are starting to green and the days are getting longer. Spring is the time to crawl out from your winter hibernation and enjoy the outdoors. Then, when you realize you really don't have anything to do outside, it's time to get a drink. An ice cold beer sounds about right. And a nice comfortable lawn chair to go with it.

Problem is, you'll have to drink that beer pretty quickly, what with that warm outdoor air heating it up, and menacing bugs flying and crawling all over it. And who wants to get up out of their lawn chair once they've sculpted the perfect ass dent into it?

Not me, which is why I'm thinking of getting the Rolling Cooler. No matter where you are--on the couch watching TV, outside on the deck, tailgating before a ball game--you probably want beer (maybe soda or water too), but you probably don't want to get off your lazy ass to get it. Instead, pick up your remote control and let the cooler come on over to you to share its frosty bounty. The cooler holds a full 12-pack and navigates left, right, forward and backward until it's at your feet.  Sounds like a dream, but it's real. 

Personally, I'm going to hold out until they make an all-terrain, robotic cooler--you know, something that can open doors, climb stairs, respond to voice commands and pretty much track you down from hundreds of yards away. If it could somehow use laser sensors to calculate when I'm running low on brew and react accordingly that would be awesome too. But I won't get ahead of myself. 

But, if you want a remote controlled cooler that exists now, you can pick this one up for under 70 bucks. 

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