Beer Tender Has Arrived, But You'd Better Really Like Heineken!

Like pub style beer? Like Heineken®? Well, that's good, because Krups® and Heineken have teamed up to make Heineken beer available to you from your own draft beer dispenser, the Beer Tender®. Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, the Beer Tender could add some jolly to your home celebration.

The Beer Tender, sold exclusively for the month of March by Williams-Sonoma, was made by Krups for the Heineken 5-liter DraughtKegs that keep beer fresh for 30 days. The Beer Tender features an internal carbonation unit that makes a Heineken taste like it's straight from the pub tap. You can even choose to get your beer with a head on it!

Beer Tender also features an adjustable temperature control which can be seen on the readout, as well as the current temperature of the beer, how much beer remains, and how long the quality of the beer remains. Williams-Sonoma sells the Beer Tender for $299. You can also pre-order the Beer-Tender from for the same price. The 5-liter DraughtKegs can be consumed without the Beer Tender for around $20. Check locally for their availability.

Sounds like a super gizmo, but you gotta' like Heineken.

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Mar 4, 2008
by Toby
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Wow! How did I miss that spelling error! Thank you for calling it to my attention.

Yes, I'm aware that the Beer Tender has been out for a few years; however, it only started selling in the U.S. around March 1, 2008... a few days ago. As for other home draught machines, the Beer Tender is just one of them. The point of this column is that if you're going to spend $300 for the Beer Tender, it would be make sense if you really like Heineken.


Mar 4, 2008
by Anonymous

energy consumption

Carlsberg has promoted its Draught master a while ago, but there's a big disadvantage to these contraptions. Their energy consumption is enourmous. Better use your fridge and drink bottled beer or support your local drinking hole than let bitter CO2 polution sour your cool beer.