Beetle Larva Candy... Now That's Good Grub!

Stag beetles are big, ugly, and sport wicked horns; all the better to battle other big, ugly, wickedly horned beetles with! Japanese kids have been raising & battling stag beetles for generations and just like mighty oaks grow from little acorns, big ugly stag beetles start out as thick, meaty grubs. Mmm, grubs...

Komatsuya, a Japanese confectioner from Yokote in Akita prefecture, has won a battle of their own... a battle of mind over matter... it doesn't matter that their sweet, tasty confectionery only look like beetle larvae.

And that's the whole point of the deal. Komatsuya advertises their delicacies as “Super Real! Kimo delicious chocolate beetle larvae.” Their excitement is infectious, the candy only looks it.

According to the Komatsuya website, the jumbo grubs are made from “Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk, skim milk, cocoa, vegetable oil, cocoa, squid, salt, cereals, orange peel, trehalose, emulsifiers, sweeteners (stevia sweet), acidulants, coloring agents (?-carotene Red No.106 )”... wait a minute, SQUID?? Hey, it could be worse, at least they're not using actual beetle larvae.

Odd ingredients aside, the confections are kinda cute with their pink eyes and candied orange peel mouths. Now imagine a soft, creamy filling coated with milk chocolate and finished with a final dipping in white chocolate. Now bite into one of Komatsuya's confections (preferably with your eyes closed)... truly a taste sensation that can't be beat. Or for that matter, beetled. (via YouPouch)