Beetle Robot Kit: A Great Way to Encourage Young Scientists


If you're looking to help your kids to develop an interest in the sciences, or if you want to encourage a child who is already interested in the sciences, then a robot kit if a great way to go. It gives them a real and hands on way to learn about this technology of the future without giving you too much of a mess and too much stress. One great kit for beginning robot builders is the Beetle Robot Kit, which is designed for the beginning robot builder. 

The kit, which makes a robot with six legs and a pair of pincers in the front, will only set an ambitious parent or teacher about $39.55, not including shipping and taxes. The robot comes with an Infrared remote control that allows him to be used at a fair distance. Don't worry if you do not want your kids to begin to learn to solder quite yet. This kit comes with a pre-soldered circuit board that allows they to focus on learning the wiring and the mechanical principals. It assembles with pliers and a screwdriver. You will need to get  four AA and four AAA batteries.

If you buy them in bulk then you will get a discount, but you are going to have to be willing to buy in at least 10.

Image Source: Studica