BeHive: New Ideas in Group Seating

Like finding refuge in a desert oasis, the BeHive's mission is to reproduce the luxurious feeling of lounging at a tea house somewhere in a faraway land, where everyone is focused on the sharing of good conversation and the main priority is relaxing.

A round trampoline suspended sixty centimeters off the floor is the base of this project, with integrated lighting and cushions providing some atmospheric and structural comfort. Four meters in diameter, the BeHive advertises a capacity of a dozen people, but the designers claim to have comfortably accommodated over twenty at a time.

Fun for everyoneFun for everyone
The side cushions offer comfortable support for long nights spent mad lounging and gabbing; or if you prefer, the center Corral table allows for a more upright posture, where you can also extend your legs through an opening in the fabric.

Come join us in the HiveCome join us in the Hive
This "tool for togetherness" might be very suitable for nurturing a cohesive spirit amongst a group, however, should you feel the need to hit the road, one of the four exits can provide a means to a speedy, convenient departure. Or, if you need more privacy, fringe curtains are available in black and white.

Belgian design company Extremis just returned from the IMM08 Furniture Fair in Cologne and recently won the prestigious Design Management Europe Award. Their line of innovative furniture is designed to serve the user in terms of function and aesthetic, while bringing people together in new and creative settings.

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