Beijing Boom Towers Spark Hybrid Design

Jamie Tomkins is an automotive designer with a great deal of talent. Recently he was tasked with creating a non-emissions vehicle for the Chinese population that could easily be used in the crowded streets. The inspiration for his final design came from an unlikely place.

Over the past few years, China's population has been skyrocketing. Cities are getting larger and eventually, the only direction left to go will be up. From that, the Chinese Boom Tower Concept was born. The tower is divided into 3 tiers which correspond to social classes. The highest tier is reserved for the most wealthy residents in the city. The second tier is designated for occupation by the middle class and the 3rd tier for the working class.

Tomkins decided to focus his design on the bottom tier. By using the traditional Chinese bicycle as a starting point, he was able to produce a modern Hybrid bicycle. The frame is made with both metal and plastic to help reduce weight. The body of the bicycle also features plastic parts that can be easily removed if they are damaged. The removable parts will also serve to offer some customization to the consumer.

Because ease of use and inexpensive materials were kept in mind at all times, the bicycle should be affordable by most of the population and being zero emissions, the benefits are obvious. The design is slated to hit stores in 2020.

Via : Tuvie , Designs.weblogsinc

Jun 23, 2008
by Anonymous

How about the price?

How about the price of this?
People seems to forget that Chinese people uses bicycle because they don't have much money to buy a car!
Honestly, if they have to spend the price of a small (and polluting) car in a bike then why not just buy a car?

Nice design though... We are getting closer to the Sci-Fi vehicle style... Blade Runner is not so far! hehe

Jun 23, 2008
by Anonymous

What's adventage?

I don't see the advantage of this design over traditional bicycle. On the contrary, one side awing arm is going to be more expensive to build and may not be a weight savier.
And does a bicycle really need such fat tire and big brake disc?
This is an over design.