Beijing's Tallest Skyscraper Takes Energy-Saving Technology to New Heights

A ground-breaking ceremony in Beijing's central business district (or CBD, for short) heralded the imminent rise of the Chinese capital city's tallest building. By the time construction is complete 5 years hence, the distinctive China Zun building will have changed Beijing's skyline by virtue of its 108 stories and 510 meter (1,673 ft) height.

Named for a “zun”, which is an ancient Chinese wine vessel, the towering structure will primarily house corporate offices but will also serve as a tourist attraction. “The building's top floor will function as a sightseeing platform and cafe,” stated a spokesperson for CITIC Group, the building's developer, “providing visitors with a panoramic view of the CBD”.

The China Zun building won't just break the record for skyscraper height in Beijing, it will positively shatter it.

The current record holder is the nearby China World Trade Center Tower 3 which is “only” 330 meters (just over 1,080 ft) tall. The China World Trade Center Tower 3 is no slouch itself having 81 floors, 4 underground floors, and 30 elevators. Completed in early 2009, its reign as Beijing's tallest building will be, in contrast, surprisingly short.

Last but certainly not least, the China Zun building also “aims to top China's more environmentally-friendly skyscrapers,” according to CITIC Group. The building has been planned from the ground up as an eco-friendly structure featuring the latest energy-saving technology.

CITIC Group believes the success of a landmark structure like the China Zun building is the perfect way to encourage efficient energy consumption in future building designs. (via and The Beijinger)