Belt-Scooter: Ride It, Then Wear It

Riding Belt-ScooterRiding Belt-Scooter

It's a, it's a scooter. Nope. It's both. Corny Superman references aside, the Collapsible Belt-Scooter, designed by Adam Torok, is genius. It provides you with a means of transportation quicker than walking, and when you get where you're going, the scooter transforms into a belt, so you don't have to worry about finding a place to stow it.

Made of plywood and iron, Belt-Scooter may not be the most pliable of belts, but it's not excessively bulky, and I'm sure the purpose of the "belt" part of Belt-Scooter's transformation is meant more for portability and not holding pants in place.It's not meant to be a fashion statement. It's meant to be entirely portable and so incredibly convenient.

Collapsible Belt-ScooterCollapsible Belt-Scooter

Adam Torok designed the Collapsible Belt-Scooter with the theory that vehicles that aren't entirely portable will become obsolete in mind. More and more urban commuters are looking for easily accessible and/or easily stowed modes of transportation. We're seeing more folding bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. 

Belt-Scooter is another one of those portable means of transportation, but it takes the "portable" part to a new level. Wearing a vehicle around your waist after it's gotten you to your destination is a novel idea. It's perfect if you're meeting up with friends and don't want to have to carry a board around or chain up a bike. 


Weighing about 3.5 pounds, Belt-Scooter is certainly heavier than a normal belt, and really if you think about it, having extra weight around your waist may cause your pants to sag more rather than hold them in place (but again, I think the focus is more on portability than fashion and belt things). However, it is certainly a conversation piece. 

Belt-Scooter is just in its design and prototype stages, so you won't find one on Amazon, or anywhere else. But you can check out Adam Torok's website for more information on this awesome concept that should be on the shelves of every Target.