Belt Clip Watch Offers 7 Useful Gadgets For Campers

I used hang my keys from a clip attached to a belt loop on my pants.  They would move to hang on a hook when I was at home.  It was just a clip, no more, no less.  But look at this thing:

This is the Outdoorsman's 7 in 1 Belt Clip Watch, a gadget that could benefit any fan of the great outdoors.  This little clip contains a thermometer, a compass, an LED light, stainless steel clips, a hook sharpener, and a carabiner.

Talk about multi-tasking!

Couple those features with a watch that utilizes Miyota quartz analog movement housed in a pressure-sealed aluminum case (water resistant down to 100 feet), and you have a pretty nifty little gadget indeed!  The face of the watch is upside down so that the analog and digital displays can be easily read while hanging from your belt loop.  A stopwatch feature is also available.

At just shy of $100.00, this item may be out of reach for a few of us.  But if you have the cash, and love camping, fishing, and/or hiking-this is quite a cool clip.

You can find your very own Outdoorsman's 7 in 1 Belt Clip Watch at Hammacher Schlemmer. (Update: Item is no longer available. A similar Belt Clip Watch is available here.)