Belt-Mounted Geiger Counter Monitors Microsieverts While You Jog

Keeping a cool head in the shadow of nuclear power plant cooling towers isn't easy these days. Sensationalist news reports about Japan's ongoing nuclear crisis are flowing out of your TV faster than contaminated water is flowing into the ocean. What's a modern guy or gal to do?

System TALKS Inc., a Japanese manufacturer of portable radiation monitoring solutions, has the answer: the GC-S1 belt-mounted Geiger counter.

Not only will the GC-S1 keep you apprised of your current and cumulative exposure to all sorts of radiation, it's a smart and stylish fashion accessory. Stroll into your local Whole Foods with one of these babies hanging off your belt and just watch those Bluetooth hipsters turn green with envy!

Weighing a mere 80 grams (just under 3 oz) including batteries, the GC-S1 incorporates a GM counter tube inside a tough, black plastic case measuring 55 × 75 × 20 mm (slightly smaller than a pack of cigarettes).

A single AA battery (not included) powers the GC-S1 for up to 720 continuous hours and the unit can record up to 64 kilobytes of data for up to one week.

The GC-S1 features a 4-digit LCD screen with a low battery indicator on its top panel; easy to read just by looking down.

The unit's memory records the cumulative amount of radiation dose, the time of occurrence, and the maximum dose received during the monitoring period. Measurement ranges are from 0.0 μSv to 9999 mSv (cumulative volume) and from 0.1 μSv/hour to 99.99 mSv/hour.

System TALKS Inc. is selling the GC-S1 for 48,000 yen each (around $565) with a limit of 2 units per order. They also list other “Products for nuclear accident” at their website. So go ahead, shop til you drop... and when you do, the GC-S1 from System TALKS will display just how many microsieverts it took!