Belts, Pots, Swings, Furniture and Animals: Innovative Uses For Old Tires

There are so many things that end up in the trash that could be put to good use again with a little imagination. A tire is a perfect example. A tire could be made into accessories, gardening pots, children's swings furniture and even art. From simple to extravagant check out these innovative uses for old tires.


1. Recycled Tire: Belt


via Etsy julienjaborskavia Etsy julienjaborska

This is unique yellow tire belt is made from a used road bike tire. The designer, Etsy member julienjaborska found her material in the trash at a bike shop.

2. Recycled Tire: Inner Tube Earrings


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These earrings can be found at Green Envy and are made of recycled inner tubes. There is no information about the size or weight of the earrings but I imagine they are not very light.


3. Recycled Tire: Garden Planters


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Gardeners in need of unique flowerpots can turn tires into colorful and spaces plant potters. Karen Manasco warns us that it takes patience, determination and elbow grease, to make these tirepots.



4. Recycled Tire: Sandals


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Even sandals can be made out of old tires. They aren't pretty but they serve a purpose, are eco-friendly and affordable. The instructions to make them even come with a template.



5. Recycled Tire: Childrens' Swing

via ponyswings.comvia

These tire swings are hand made with recycled auto and truck tires into forms of animal or motorcycle. The tires are cleaned so the tires coloring will not stain and the rope can hold up to 200 lbs. Watch the kids pile on!



6. Recycled Tire: Furniture

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This is a recycled rubber car tire table. It comes with a set of four stools also made with recycled tires.



7. Recycled Tire: Animal Sculpture

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This tire sculpture by Mirko Flodin is amazing. Mirko has also made many other animal sculptures: an elephant, a horse, a shark, a snake and so on.


This just goes to show that something as ugly and used as a tire can be recycled into something useful again. There is no need to let them go to waste.   

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Feb 26, 2010
by Anonymous


that's ausome...

  • nice website... :D
  • Feb 28, 2010
    by Anonymous

    Rubber lasts longer than leather!

    The only downside I've seen with any recycled rubber product is the cost.

    Jan 5, 2011
    by Anonymous

    Recycled Rubber Tyre Outdoor table and chairs

    I can see the dimensions of these products but would like to know if you can get these any higher then the dimensions specified. Don't want to be sitting too low to the ground.