Boon Benders Bendable Utensils – Perfect for Babies

The bendable utensils, from Boon Benders, are just perfect for children who are learning how to use utensils.   And besides being cute-as-a-button, they are functional and affordable too.

Boon BendersBoon Benders

It only makes sense that a curvy or bendable utensil may be easier for little hands to grasp, right? As a child becomes better acquainted with utensils and "handling" them becomes easier, simply adjust  the utensils by bending and straightening as needed to fit your child's needs.

Boon BendersBoon Benders

Designed for children 9 months and above, the bendable products have soft handles that are easy to grasp and are dishwasher safe. The utensils come in a variety of fun colors - blue and white, pink and white or orange and blue. The set retails for less than $5.

What a great idea! Why didn't I come up with it?

Source and Photos:  Amazon

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