Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers? IPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

 IPX7 Bluetooth Shower SpeakerIPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker


Speakers are one of the most sought after devices these days. They come in all shapes and sizes with or without wires. But the most popular speakers seem to be those featuring Bluetooth capability. If you've got your audio speaker situation covered for every room in the house except the bathroom, fear not, because we've got you covered. Right now you can get the best selling IPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker that's perfect for not only the shower, but the pool, beach, boat and even cars. Basically, you can take these water and dust proof speakers just about anywhere you can listen to music. 

IPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Fin Audio is the company behind the IPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker, which happens to be the best selling shower speaker on Amazon right now. These completely waterproof speakers are said to deliver crystal clear sound that packs a punch from consumers and review sites alike. Part of what makes them so popular — aside from quality and design — is the fact you can quickly pair them with Bluetooth devices and instantly play all of your favorite music from the radio, Pandora, iTunes, Spotify and more. They come with a lifetime guarantee that states if your speaker stops working because of water damage they will ship you a new one absolutely free. This is one of the best guarantees available for a product of any type or design right now, but it's almost unheard of for electronic devices.


The IPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker can be taken to the beachThe IPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker can be taken to the beach


Shower Speaker Features

Besides working with all Bluetooth compatible devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android devices, this wireless shower speaker supports 4.0 Bluetooth devices with an operating distance of up to 30 feet. For two to three hours of charging time you can get five to six hours of playback time. The sturdy suction cup allows you to attach the unit to most surfaces. The setup also offers complete volume control and you can answer incoming calls hands free via the built-in microphone. This product comes with a USB cable for charging and an operating manual so you don't have to look everything up on the Internet, which can be seriously annoying.

FAQs & Customer Input

One of the questions in connection with this Bluetooth shower speaker is whether or not it will float, and the answer is yes. But here's the bummer: it won't play while floating. It's designed to float so you don't have to fish it off the bottom of the pool should it fall in, but the sound is emitted from the bottom of the unit. So basically, the music would just be playing into the water if you tried to leave it there. Another question concerning this particular shower speaker was whether or not it could be used in steam rooms, and the consensus seems to be yes. Customers feel it has lived up to all the product claims and hype in conjunction to the unit, including ease of use, staying/gripping power for the suction cup, quality sound and booming volume. The only negative feedback so far has been that the function buttons are black, like the rest of the speaker, making them a bit difficult to read for some users. A few well placed dots of colored nail polish should easily solve that problem if it is an issue for you.


Bluetooth Shower Speakers bring music into your lifeBluetooth Shower Speakers bring music into your life


Bottom Line

All in all, the response to the IPX7 Bluetooth Shower Speaker by Fin Audio has been overwhelmingly positive. It can currently be found on Amazon and through a variety of other purveyors of quality lifestyle products.


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