Best Domestic Design 2010 Goes To A Slow Cooker That's Not A Crock Pot

Though Slowcooker by Margriet Foolen doesn't exactly fit easily into interior design categories, it did happen to win Wallpaper's Best Domestic Design 2010.  Personally, I think it's great that its good looks are matched by its utility and I can't wait to purchase one!



The Slowcooker made for Royal VKB is every working or lazy person's dream to eating well.  You can go ahead and buy all the healthy veggies, beef, chicken, fish, and grains, put them into the Slowcooker, and pop the Slowcooker into the oven. Et voilà!

What you get is a delicious and nutritious meal that doesn't have that crock pot taste.  No, nor is the food, technically, baked.  Your meal is steamed in the oven, and according to nutritionists, steam is the healthiest way to cook.  Watch how easy it is!



The Royal VKB website indicates that the Slowcooker is available for sale in the U.S, but I have not been able to find it yet on the listed sites.  So, if you can't wait, purchase it now at Royal VKB.


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