13 Pet Calendars for 2009: Crazy, Funny, Artsy, and Bizarre

I'm going to have to order 13 calendars this year, because after combing through a few hundred dog, cat, bird, ferret and other pet calendars, I'm so torn about the 13 Best Pet Calendars for 2009, I decided to put one on every other wall, instead of one in every room! This year, you'll find the Most Bizarre, Wisest, Funniest, Best Poop and several other best pet calendar picks....

1. Wisest Dog Calendar: DOGMA, A Dog's Guide To Life, 2009 Calendar

You know why wisdom always comes from dog and cat calendars? Because they really do live the words we give them to say. The greatest realizations in our lives can come from what we learn by watching them. On the cover of DOGMA. .. Don't wait for your ship to come in: paddle out to it."



2. Funniest Ferret Calendar: Jeanne Carley's 2009 Movie Ferret Calendar

Even if you're not a ferret fan, these movie portraits of ferrets are so cute. What a fresh idea from a super ferret photographer! Jeanne Carley's 2009 Movie Ferret Calendar.

3. Most Bizarre Cat Calendar: Stuff On My Cat 2009 Wall Calendar

These cats are the most patient or the most tranquilized cats in the world. Always fun, Stuff On My Cats gets better every year.


4. Best 2009 Dog Poop Calendar: The Monthly Doos

Lush landscapes, with just the right amount of doggy poop. Created by Watch Your Step, a new doo every month in full color... The Monthly Doos .

5. Best Pet Birds In Natural Habitats Calendar: Parrots And Parakeets 2009 Calendar

Even though we love them in our homes, it's always neat to see parrots and parakeets in the wild, just to remind us that most of these lovelies are still wild. Parrots And Parakeets Calendar.


6. Most Athletic Dog Calendar: Yoga Dogs 2009 Calendar

Well, okay, maybe these dogs had a little help... you think? Still the photos are really well done, and should give you some inspiration to try out these poses. After all, if a dog can do it... Yoga Dogs.

7. Wisest Cat Calendar: Proverbial Cat 2009 Wall Calendar

Sometimes you need reminding from your wise kitty: "No house is a home until you add a cat." And no furniture will ever be the same... but you know she's right. These kitties are the design of Sydney Houser who has combined his artistic cat drawing with calligraphic messages to keep you inspired for at least the next 12 months. The Proverbial Cat Calendar .

8. Drollest Cat Calendar: The New Yorker 2009 Cat Calendar

Nothing beats the New Yorker calendars, especially when it comes to anthropomorphism. If you like dry humor, The New Yorker 2009 Cat Calendar is for you.

9. Drollest Dog Calendar: The New Yorker 2009 Dog Calendar

It's not dogs or cats that these cartoons swipe at; it's us, and that's what's so droll. The New Yorker 2009 Dog Calendar.

10. Most Artsy Dog Calender: Elliot Erwitt's 2009 Dog Calendar

There's something so compelling about this well-known photographer's portrayals of his subjects. When you look at these dogs, you see their true characters; not our own sense of them, but their sense of them. Features international holidays and translations in six languages. Elliot Erwitt's 2009 Dog Calendar .

11. Sweetest Bird Calendar: Bird Songs 2009 Calendar

For those who love their backyard birds as their own, the Bird Songs Calendar features a different North American bird every month with a device that lets you hear its song. Especially neat for those just getting into bird watching. Comes with a regional bird map too!

12. Best Kitten Calendar: Classic Cats 2009 Wall Calendar

These little guys show no inhibitions in front of David McEnery' camera. The most precious, sometimes goofy, shots you will see of kitties! Classic Cats 2009 Calendar.

13. Most Serious Cat Calendar: Comical Cats 2009 Calendar

Every year I buy a box of Braldt Bralds cat holiday cards. His illustrations just make me laugh out loud. Why? Because each cat looks so dead serious. The Comical Cats 2009 Wall Calendar has all new illustrations. Lovely and comical!



Hope this was fun!

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