When Irish Dogs Are Smiling: 12 Fun St. Patrick's Day Dog Costumes


Your dog may have Irish ancestry, be Irish by acquisition, or may just want to down a few with his pals at the dog park. Our St. Patrick’s Day dog costume winners may help you decide on appropriate attire; they will even make other dogs smile. The costumes are judged in a variety of categories, including Best 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' Dog Jacket, Hottest Irish Dog Muscle T-Shirt, Best Irish Whiskey Drinking Dog Attire, Dumbest Irish Dog Hat, the To Die For Rhinestone Irish Dog Collar, and Toughest Dog In The Irish Hood Jacket. And the winners are:


1. Best 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' Dog Jacket

Never mind that this little imp is from Yorkshire, England. Close enough. Anyway, kissing a Yorkie isn't bad at all when you think about some of the humans that might be sporting a "kiss me, I'm Irish" shirt or button. This precious handmade fleece jacket can be made for male and female dogs and it comes in sizes XXXS to Large. From The Pet Boutique for $31.95.

2. Luckiest Little Irish Dog Lassie T-Dress

This cute little number from Michi P is great for for lassies in warmer climates. It's all cotton/lycra ribbed dress with polka dot ribbon trim. Sizes XXS to Medium, The Lucky Dog Dress is $27 from Michi P.

3. Hottest Irish Dog Muscle T-Shirt

Choose the right cut on this Golden Shamrock Dog Shirt, available from the Pet Boutique in sizes XXXS to Large. The cotton-polyester tee is all your bowser will need to show of those muscles. And the flash of golden foil shamrocks will surely make him shine. Handmade, from $26.95.


4. To Die For Rhinestone Dog Collar

I'm tempted to purchase one of these rhinestone collars for myself. The above "Shamrocks Galore," is one of three brilliant models available for $21.95 to $71.95, depending on size (XS - 7XL). Each of the three are designed somewhat differently and have different band widths from 3/8" to 3/4". At Diva Dog Collars.


5.Toughest Dog In the Irish Hood Jacket

If this isn't meant for the butch-est dog in the hood, I don't know what is! I bet it's also warm... and for most of us, March is a pretty chilly month. This denim Lucky Tattoo Jacket, is cotton lined and faux Sherpa trimmed, with Velcro closure and adjustable neck. (No longer available.)

6. Most Alluring Irish Dog Accessory


The boa says it all. On humans, it can look a bit cheap; on dogs, it's always chic! So get these green dog boas while they're hot, from 10 inches to 23 inches.. Boa barrette sold separately. (No longer available.) 

7. Dumbest Irish Dog Hat


All I can think of is how many people will laugh at the poor sweet dogs who have to wear this garb. Okay, so maybe you think my other prize-winners are pretty dumb too, but this one must have been meant to be dumb. If you want it, the Mini Leprechaun Dog Hat is available from (where else?) Crazy and Fun Webhats for $6.99.


8. Best Irish Whisky-Drinking Dog Ties

Let's face it; some dogs are purists and will only drink Irish whiskey on St. Patty's Day. Proper attire for a dogs who puff cigars while sippin' their whiskeys is a plain and simple Irish tie -- bow-tie or standard. Available from Designer Duds For Dogs in XS to Large. (No longer available.)

9. Best Irish Fancy Ball Dog Dress


It's uncommon, but some do celebrate St. Patrick's Day at a fancy ball party instead of a bar room. When the occasion does call for it, a taffeta and crushed velvet ball gown from Hands N Paws is ready for your doggie lass. With all the details of a Dior, this dress even fastens with hooks and loops! Hat comes with, for $28 to $35, depending on size (6 to 20).

10. Best Irish Unisex Dog Collar

This bright bit'o'Irish luck sports the shamrock like no other dog collar and it's weatherproof too. The collar is made with a patent-pending hand-molded technique. Very nice detail, don't you think? Available from Pampered Puppy in S, M, L. (No longer available.)


11. Most Adorable Dog Leprechaun Costume


Isn't this costume the dog's growl? I would love to march with my dog in a St. Patrick's Day parade with him in this leprechaun costume! It's a one-size fits most small dogs: measurements are 12" long by 12-17" around (adjustable), neck size measurement is approximately 10". Hat and coat included in the price of $7.99.  (Update:This is no longer available, but this funny leprechaun costume is worthy of a look.)

12. Best Irish Shamrock Dog Dress

Modelled by schnauzer Anabelle Choate, Hands N Paws model of the month (I don't know why most dog models are Yorkies!), this springtime shamrock dress shows off Anabelle's coloring so well. Cotton-poly with white ruffle, the Wearin o the Green St. Patrick's Day Dog Dress has a hook and loop closure at the neck and a pretty tie around the waist. $24 to $31, depending on size (XXS - XL).

That's the buzz for this St. Patty's Day!
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Mar 7, 2008
by Anonymous

Irish dog costumes.

Annabelle's mom and Annie thank you for including her on your article. What a surprise to click and see her picture! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Angie from Oklahoma

Mar 8, 2008
by Lady Bee
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She's A Doll!

Dear Annabelle and Annabelle's Mom;

Thank you for your comment! What a sweetie Annie is and how well you framed the photo. She's definitely a star! Happy St. Patty's Day to you both!