THE 11 Best Toys of 2008: Toy Industry Awards

5. Infant/Preschool Toy of the Year: Moon Sand Adventure Island (SpinMaster Ltd.)

Sand and plastic molds in bright colors makes building sand characters just too much fun, and you don't even have to bring your kiddies to the beach! The sand and molds can be all wrapped up in the toy's case for transport and clean-up, so that makes Moon Sand Adventure Island even neater than it may seem. For ages 3 - 8, priced at 14.69.


6. Activity Toy of the Year: Lego City (LEGO Systems, Inc.)

Lego Systems just keeps advancing what it does best, helping to stimulate creativity in kids (and their parents) through building activities. Lego city has an array of emergency and industrial vehicles available now: cargo ships, emergency vehicles, construction trucks, and so many others. Within each grouping there are four or five different Lego models. Customers provide ratings for Lego toys, so you can get feedback on them before you purchase. Lego will shop the cheapest prices for you! Play video games utilizing these vehicles on-line at the Lego City website.


7. Game of the Year: Rubik's Revolution (Techno Source)

If you're not busy or dizzy enough, you can try the challenge of this super Rubik's Cube. Rubik's Revolution is on speed, electronically speaking, with flashing lights going off like crazy that you either stamp out, light up, memorize, or beat up your friends with... I'm exhausted even writing about it. Six programmed games are more than enough to keep you busy until the next generation of Rubik comes along. Rubik Revolution sells for 18.92 at


8. Specialty Toy of the Year: Snap Circuits (Elenco)

The specialty award goes to the best product distributed primarily to a specialty market, but with the emphasis in learning toys, and in learning while doing, model shops may become a thing of the past, as mass markets increase their share. Snap Circuits 300, so named because the 60 parts contained can make up to 300 different electronic parts including an AM radio, burglar alarm, radio announcer and so many more. Requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included. The heck with the recommended age level (8 - 15 years), I'm buying one for myself. At


Nov 7, 2008
by Anonymous


my favorite toy is the ipod nano

Dec 12, 2008
by Anonymous

None of these toys were very

None of these toys were very good, sorry to say.

Dec 17, 2008
by Anonymous

best "no frills" toy

Bilibo...hands down is the best thing for a 1-8 yr. old. Use is limited only by child's imagination. I'm surprised it's not on the list.

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous

kewl toyz

wow what kewl toyz 4 2008 it rox my sox

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Get U R kid an Apple Ipod Chromatic they will Luv it

they rock get 1