10 Absolutely Best Video Games to Buy Teens This Christmas 2007

Best Video Game 8. Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2Manhunt 2

This title is one of the most controversial games of the year, and is published by the company known for such controversial hits as Grand Theft Auto and Bully. It's extreme violence is a landmark for video games, and is the first controversial title to be initially given an AO (18+ only) Rating, requiring Rockstar to alter some of the video game's content. The game puts you into an extremely violent situation where an ex-scientist is injected with a killer's personality, and brutally executes people in an attempt to escape the insane asylum that he has been stuck in for 6 years. If you're into controversial content, or like games such as Grand Theft Auto or the first Manhunt, this game is just the game for you. The game is available on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo W ii, and is Rated M for Mature (appropriate for gamers 17+ years of age).

Best Video Game 9. TimeShift


TimeShift is one of the few games made that will allow you to take control of time. Wearing a suit that can alter the stream of time, you can pause, slow down, and even reverse time. Be involved in gameplay as you've never seen it, fighting enemies and solving puzzles using your amazing time affecting abilities. Don't get too settled in, however, because you should be aware: you can alter time and create alternate time streams! You can buy this action packed, exciting first person shooter for the Xbox 360 , PLAYSTATION 3 , and PC , and is Rated M for Mature (appropriate for gamers 17+ years of age).

Best Video Game 10. Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

Kane and LynchKane and Lynch

This intense Christmas release, by the makers of the Freedom Fighters, takes you on the journey of two escaped convicts that were both on death row for murder. After being helped to escape on a prisoner transport, it is discovered that Kane's family has been captured and is being held until Kane has returned money that he owes to a group called The 7. Recruiting the brutal Lynch to tag along, they go on a bank robbing spree, killing and stealing their way to a small fortune that is enough to repay Kane's debts to The 7. This title is available on PLAYSTATION 3 , Xbox 360, and PC , and is Rated M for Mature (appropriate for gamers 17+ years of age).

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Well, that's my list of 10 Best Video Games to Buy For Teens This Christmas. If you choose to purchase one of these games, please keep in mind that they are appropriate only for the age groups given, and buying this game for a person under the age rating is not recommended due to violence, blood, or language. Please pay attention to the ratings system when looking for age appropriate video games, and if they confuse you, you can ook up more information at the ESRB website.

Thanks for reading this article, and I wish you all happy holidays! (If you're interested in a laugh, you can look at this online comic , which makes fun of the 2nd game on this list, Assassin's Creed.)

Matt Wood
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Nov 25, 2007
by Body Beauty


Realistic aren't they.

Nov 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Uh.... Where is Mario

Uh.... Where is Mario Galaxy...

Nov 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

What About...

... Crysis? Much better than Timeshift.

Nov 26, 2007
by Anonymous

Dear Santa, here's my Christmas gift list

Please don't be shy. ;-)

Nov 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

you must be kidding me ...

you must be kidding me ... the best game EVER is called ... CRYSIS !!! (and should be ranked #1 in your top rank, way ahead of COD4)

Nov 29, 2007
by debased (not verified)

Call of duty

Call of duty is way better than crysis just b/c of great online support. Btw its the British SAS, not SOS....SOS is the signal generally used by the elite French army. Also MOA airborne is just about the worst game i've ever seen...erase and replace w/ the orange box...

Dec 4, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


only games by nintendo are good, these all suck!!!!

Dec 5, 2007
by Ellie (not verified)


lol @ "playstation 360"...never heard of that console...must have come out special for TimeShift :P

Dec 10, 2007
by cjp4eva (not verified)

crysis> any of those games

crysis> any of those games just because you dont have an ok computer dont mean its worthless now plz stfu anyone that thinks otherwise is lying to themselfves.

Dec 13, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

games for kids???

Manhunt, Bioshock...and the rest...all of them has lots of violence and disturbing scenes. And as someone allready mentioned where's Mario Galaxy? And Portal, the one and only true innovative game-title of this year....are you sponsered by XBOX? or haven't tried anything else. Crappy list....better next year

Dec 18, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Forgot one!!!

I can't believe that The Witcher was left out. It is by far one of the very BEST RPGs I've ever played, and I've been playing since the 80s. The graphics, the storyline, the new combat system (which some people didn't love, but I did), the adult themes that were not dumbed down to appease the delicate sensibilities of 10 year old gamers, choices that matter and really effect the storyline (even chapters later!)... it is by far one of the best. The replayability is amazing, too. Its worth actually spending money on. Coming from me, that's a major complement. hehe

Dec 19, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Yeah, wonderful job only

Yeah, wonderful job only mentioning Xbox games. Sell-out.

Why even bother mentioning Kane and Lynch? Eidos is the company that made it 100% clear that game mags are 100% influenced by money. Look up the whole Gamespot scandal. Kane and Lynch is a piece of crap, so it's no wonder Eidos pressed so hard to get it marketed as a "good" game...if you value freedom of speech, boycott it!

Dec 19, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Uh just because Mario Galaxy

Uh just because Mario Galaxy isnt online doesnt mean it has limited replayability. Lets see how quickly you can find all 120 (121 with Luigi) stars without using a guide.

Did you even play half of these games? Manhunt was awful and Kane was fun for about 10 minutes.

You need to realize that a game doesnt have to be the prettiest game on the market to be fun. Nintendo makes the best games on the market. Period. Games shouldnt be about how shiny they are, or how realistic they are. They should be fun. Nintendo games are fun. And to be stupid enough to say "The fact of the matter is that Nintendo has never made a game on the same level of quality as any of the ten games in this list." shows that you know nothing about what you are writing about. The quality of Mario Galaxy is there. The controls are flawless, the ideas in the game are amazing and the sound track is beautiful. So what if it isnt photo-realistic in terms of graphics? Its a fun game.

Call of Duty was a great game (soooo much better than Halo 3 what a f'n disappointment). But Mario Galaxys should be right there with it.

Nov 25, 2008
by Anonymous

nintendo is lame and for

nintendo is lame and for little kids