Beta Brand Jeans: Sons of Innovative Britches!

 According to Beta Brand, pickpockets steal more than 10 million identities annually and radio frequency identification (RFIDS) can be pilfered from up to 30 feet away. Even more upsetting is the statistic that estimates more than 70% of all credit cards will be vulneraable to pickpockets this year alone. Beta Brand stands up to the challenge of preventing tech-savvy thieves from utilizing scanning devices for pulling information from credit cards. They have introduced two RFID-blocking pockets in their  new "subtly stretchy denim" jeans. The garments, which are comprised of 70% cotton, 28% polyester and 2% spandex, also feature a "gusseted crotch for better range of movement."


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How do these READY jeans work?

Outsmarting pickpockets is no easy task, as they evolve like cockroaches with every changing ploy  developed to combat them. All any self-respecting thief needs to steal your identitiy in micro-seconds is good aim and an RFID reader. Any cheap scanner can steal pertinent information from a credit card and transmit the data wirelessly. This crime is so common that it has a name:RFID skimming.

But READY Jeans  protected by Symantec cyber-security company, Norton, and created by Beta Brand are designed specifically to outwit identity thieves.The stretchy slim fit in these jeans, which are currently only available for men, have two pockets, one in the front and one in the back, that are lined with RFID-blocking fabric. Beta Brand claims your wallet will be safe in either compartment.


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Steven Wheeler and Beta Brand

Steven Wheeler is the designer behind Beta Brand's READY jeans. His philosophy and work ethic can by synthesized by the following quote: "i'm not a know-it-all, I'm a learn-it-all." He became an apprentice tailor after graduating from high school where he learned and became enamored with old world technologies about pattern drafting, alterations and garment creation. After a move to San Francisco more than a decade ago, Wheeler began to build a custom apparel business while simultaneously earning a BFA in Menswear Design.

His belief about activewear is that the emphasis should be on comfort, durability and freedom of movement. READY jeans are his latest fashion creation for itinerant consumers. The jeans are constructed from a special, high-tech cotton/poly blend that draws moisture away from the skin, speeds evaporation and provides just the right amount of stretch to move with the wearer.


Beta Brand Jeans-RFID Blocking Tag: Source: Beta Brand.comBeta Brand Jeans-RFID Blocking Tag: Source: Beta


The future of READY jeans

Shafting identity thieves for their comeuppance and granting some degree of freedom from theft, these cool futuristic READY jeans have their place in the world of high-tech fashion. They will be available for purchase in February of this year and mark an amazing fusion between iconic blue  jeans, e-retailer, Beta Brand and anti-virus software company, Norton.

Closing thoughts on identity theft:

The best protection against identity theft is bad credit. ~ Johnny Corn

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