Beton S-Chair Transformer: The Instant Armchair

From Polish design house Beton comes the S-Chair Transformer, a simple cover intended to transform any standard chair into a "comfortable, waterproof armchair."

A laser-cut, rectangular sheet of polyurethane foam wraps around the surface of the chair and interlocks into itself without any further tools or fixings.  The resulting wide-mouthed tube shape then squashes down upon sitting, allegedley providing more comfort and perhaps some style to what might be an otherwise ugly, uncomfortable chair. 


The designers had this to say:

"A thin rectangle of polyethylene foam is laser-cut in such a way, that you can create a tube out of it without using glue or anything like that. Inside the tube you can place any chair (the uglier, the better) and then you can sit on it. The chair is transformed into a comfortable, waterproof armchair… At first the standing tube might be misleading, and it is the easiest way of creating something out of almost nothing."

 Beton via Dezeen