The Betri Concept Bike Reflects The World Of Tomorrow Through The Form Of A Bike

Betri Concept BikeBetri Concept Bike

The Betri Bike is a work of art. Designer, Clement Boutillion, deals with shapes in many fields, and he put that to use in designing the Betri Bike. This design marries the concepts of the world of tomorrow and bike in a sleek, contemporary unit.

Boutillion, who now plies his trade in the areas of furniture and fragrance, concentrates on space and shape in his designs. The Betri Bike is an example of that. It's sharp angles, elongated lines and use of triangles, in the overall design and within the frame itself, and make it an eye-catching, appealing design. 

Betri LightBetri Light

The Betri Bike incorporates a truly minimalist style. It has no mud guards over the tires, no chain guard and no extra flair, like a basket or bottle holder. Boutillion even integrated a light system into the Betri Bike to preserve the minimalist feel. Boutillion wanted the bike to reflect the "world of tomorrow" without being too futuristic or overly technical.

Boutillion wanted to express dynamism in the design of the Betri Bike. The triangular tubes of the frame and the angle used on the top tube gives the bike a plunging look. The simplicity of the wheels (without 1,000 spokes) also adds to this minimalist design.

Betri SeatBetri Seat

The bike's frame is built with hydroformed aluminum profiles and carbon fiber. This material makes the Betri Bike lightweight, yet sturdy. Not only is this bike aesthetically attractive and dynamic, it is functional and built for use. 

As eye-catching as the Betri Bike is, you won't actually lay your eyes on one. It is only a concept, alive in the mind of Clement Boutillion. However, I can imagine that some minimalist cyclists would love to get their hands on a Betri Bike.

Source: Betri Concept by Clement Boutillion