Better Marriage Blanket Neutralizes Nasty Gas Under The Covers


There is a little talked about problem between most couples.  Even if the rest of your relationship is sweet, sometimes the smell under the blankets is not.  The issue comes from one (you know who you are) or both of the people emitting gas, either knowingly or unknowingly, under the sheets.  The odor gets trapped under there and then when someone moves it wafts out in a horrifying cloud of stench.  It would seem that there is nothing that can be done about this issue other than separate rooms...but maybe there is... 
The Better Marriage Blanket was created to take care of exactly this problem.  On the surface the blanket just looks like a regular cottony comforter, but inside is where the magic happens.  The inner layer is a fabric used by the military to defend against chemical weapons.  The activated carbon neutralizes the offensive molecules, leaving the air smelling fresh and clean.

The makers say that the blanket only needs to be washed when the surface gets dirty and it can be periodically refreshed in the sun or in the dryer.  Apparently the product will continue to destroy odors for the life of the blanket.  Very interesting idea!  The Better Marriage Blanket comes in three colors – beige, blue and white. 


Source:, Geekologie