A Better Pooper Scooper?

A United Kingdom man, perhaps frustrated that he couldn’t avoid the little brown presents left by dogs in the park, decided to finally invent a better pooper scooper. After much research and planning, he is now ready to present his masterpiece - a tray that straps to a dog’s butt.


Paul Taylor, a student who has already earned 10 diplomas, said that he was “sick and angry” with dog owners who let their canines use the bathroom anywhere, so he patented his idea, the “Portable Poop for Dogs.”


The device is basically an adjustable waist harness that uses Velcro to strap onto a dog’s rear. The harness has a tray at the bottom to collect the poop. Because he wanted a clean, easy way for people to dispose of their dogs’ chocolate treats, Taylor kindly provided sanitary liner sheets. All a dog owner has to do is peel off the top sheet and throw it into the nearest trash can.


Perhaps needless to say, Taylor does not own a dog. While some friends have told him that dogs might not react well to a tray strapped to their hindquarters, he figures that it is worth a shot.


“I think it would be a workable product for health and hygiene,” he told the Swindon Advertiser. “If it tackled the mess problem, then it’s worth a go.”


Taylor is currently looking for funding so he can make his prototype “go.”


Swindon Advertiser