Better than Walking, More Exciting than a Segway

So let's say you want a personal transport device, but a Segway is a little too expensive for you. Are you doomed to talk everywhere until you can save up enough money? Thanks to Stephan Soder and his EasyGlider X6, the answer to that is "no."

His invention started as a petroleum engine powered unicycle that he used to pull himself around on roller-blades. In its more refined stage, a larger front wheel is connected to a 2-wheeled platform in the rear. He also decided electric power was a better bet. The throttle control is similar to most motorcycles as is the small handbrake. The handlebars are connected to only 1 side of the front wheel, so turning requires a little balance and some practice. A top speed of 12mph can be reached in no time at all when using the highest of 3 power levels..

It also comes with its own line of accessories. A small headlight mounted in front of the hand brake ensures proper visibility, even at night. You can also get a small music system, complete with a set of mini-speakers.

The real selling point for the EasyGlider is ease of use. All that's required is a charge and a respectable amount of balance for the turns. There are also 2 different versions available, a larger version for adults, and a down-sized edition for the kids. Prices are set at £699 ($1400) and £399 ($800) respectively.


Via : Fresh Air Times


Apr 6, 2008
by Anonymous

weird design. i like it.

weird design. i like it.
but thats still too high of a price for me.

Apr 7, 2008
by Anonymous

could be improved upon

Why not just attach the bars to the middle of the platform and handlebars, it would be much more stable that way. It's basically a trike anyway.

Cool idea otherwise though.