A Better Way of Bike Travel: BIKND Helium Suitcase

Bike travel isn't always the most easy thing in the world. You can pack your bike up into a big, heavy hard case and pay all kinds of airline fees for it, or you can risk renting a bike when you get there. Renting isn't a horrible option--unless of course there are only junk bikes for rent--or no bikes at all. Then you're stuck riding an uncomfortable, low-end bike--or walking.

Introduced at last year's ISPO show, the BIKND Helium case provides a new solution: a soft case with integrated air cushions that lets you transport your bike without so much fuss. Fill the cushions up with the pump and protect your bike without adding the weight of a solid, hard case. It also has wheels, making carting your bike around the airport much easier than the stiff-armed carry. The Helium case weighs 24 lbs. empty.  

When the BIKND debuted last year, I thought two things. 1. That's totally awesome, and I'd love to have one. 2. That's going to disappear and never actually be available on the market. 

Well, I was right on one account: it is toatally awesome and I would love to have one. And it's also available for purchase. At $599, it's really the type of luggage that is only practical if you bring your bike along on a lot of trips--or one really long trip--but it's definitely a nice option to have if you want to explore the world on your own personal two-wheeler. 

 The BIKND is available from a variety of brick & mortar and online bike retailers, including Amazon

BIKND via Gizmag 

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