Betting On The MTV Twitter Jockey Who Will Make It To The Finish Line (POLL)

Will it be Tomicha Cassel from Cleveland, Ohio or Rolfe Norman from Athens, Georgia? Who will be the social media voice for MTV? The network is currently in the process of answering that question with an ongoing series of challenges that will continue for the next couple months - up to a live finale on August 8. In advance of learning the identity of that winner, I have selected two contestants out of the 20 that I believe have the best shot at winning the first-time title of "Twitter Jockey."

For those that remember MTV's VJs in the 90s, history has a chance of repeating itself when the next generation 'Dave Holmes' and 'Amanda Diva' vie for the Twitter Jockey slot.  In my previous post, "Twitter Jockey To Compete In MTV Social Media Idol Contest," I detailed the launch of the contest to surface the best social media pop-culture guru. In this post, I am testing the waters with two top contenders.

Similar to the challenges that MTV will be presenting to the twenty contestants, I presented Rolfe and Tomicha with my own screening criteria to determine who had the best chops at securing this gig. In a series of interview questions presented to both contestants this week, I determined that each had an edge that distinguished them out from the competition, and hopefully getting them closer to the finish line and the coveted $100,000 prized position of TJ.

In the case of Rolfe, he has an innocent look that is reminiscent of the some of young teen idols of the day. In his bio, he referred to Justin Bieber's fans being on board with "TeamRolfe." When I questioned him further as to how he determined that he could tap into Bieber's fan base, he asserted that "Justin Bieber fans had been contacting him on Twitter trying to help him gain a following."  Rolfe believes that "Justin Bieber fans run Twitter" referring to the number of times Bieber has trended on the microblogging platform.

So my challenge to Rolfe was based on him gaining a popularity foothold with this influential fan base to see if he convince them and the rest of us that he was worthy of their votes. As you will see, I think he stepped up to the challenge with a heightened amount of enthusiasm and a convincing pitch.

In interviewing Tomicha, I quizzed her about her creativity and ability to develop social media promotional initiatives if she was lucky winner of the contest. It appeared that she already given this a lot of thought as she began to describe in detail a "Twilight" vs "True Blood" campaign that was was not only clever, but had, shall we say "teeth" to it.

Apparently, Tomicha has been following vampire stories on the tube and the movies long enough to know that the legend of vampires has evolved over the years, where some of the historical legends and characteristics of vampires from the last century to now, have taken some marked turns. And more than that, as a follower of pop culture, she has seen some inherent differences between the most popular vampire stories capturing the American zeitgeist today - namely the "Twilight" movies and the HBO series, "True Blood."

So my challenge to Tomicha, was to flesh out her ideas into a social media campaign she could produce on a short YouTube video - with the objective of selling it me like she'd sell the top brass at MTV when and if she becomes their first VJ.  Her trivia contest is a unique take on this theme.

Now, it's your turn to vote readers. Based on their challenges and videos in this post, take our POLL in advance of the MTV vote and let us know which candidate you think will make it to the finish line. And follow both contestants on MTV -#TeamTomicha here - and #TeamRolfe here.

And let's see by August 8, if I bet on the right 'jockeys' to ride the winning horse into the live finale - and if the final POLL indicates the majority bet on the right winner!

(Note: MTV's contest rules and competition challenges are further explained here.)
Jun 22, 2010
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@MiltonMemphis is the Better

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Nominate Me!

I just need to get nominated!!

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Jun 22, 2010
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Miss Destructo FTW!

This is a great post that is highlighting two very talented individuals on Twitter, however I can't vote for either of them because all of my votes go to the Blue Haired Social Media Diva @MissDestructo!

Jun 22, 2010
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@Crystal7c needs to get it!!

@Crystal7c needs to get it!! Go nominate her she is a sports nut and blogger already for a sports team. She is all over movies and music and will be awesome because she is funny and has lots of stuff to say.