Beverage Me! Cool Glass Beverage Servers Allow Your Guests To Serve Themselves With Ease

Everyone has seen those tall coffee urns at different functions -- from church suppers to the office. This is great if everyone wants coffee or hot water for tea. Some days call for cool drinks instead. You can entertain in style with these cool three-tiered Stacked Beverage Servers. The glass allows your guests to see the tasty concoctions you have prepared for them.

 Triple Beverage Server with Optic GlassTriple Beverage Server with Optic Glass

Entertaining can be stressful enough without having to worry about checking everyone's drinks repeatedly. This lets your guests mingle and serve themselves without anyone sneezing into the punchbowl. The stacked design also saves space on your serving table for your platters of fruit, cheese and crackers, and your famous canapés and petit fours.

You will have time to flit around your gathering like the style-maven you have always wanted to be . . . or just have time to actually talk with your guests. That is the real reason you invited them after all. Unless you are one of those keeping-score hostesses who only invite people who have invited you. 

 Triple Beverage Server with Frosted Vine MotifTriple Beverage Server with Frosted Vine Motif

The design is both modern and classic to lend itself to just about any decor.  You can go with the simple clear optic glass style or choose the classic frosted vine motif. Either way your friends and family will be admiring your choices in entertaining. Now all you need is the guest of your dreams to really impress them.

The bottom tier holds the largest amount and the two upper tiers just a bit less each. The entire set holds two and a half gallons of your chosen beverages 

To put it in as trite a manner as possible -- with a Triple Beverage Server you will be the hostess with the mostest. And if someone REALLY has to have a cup of hot coffee send them to Starbuck's. There is bound to be one close by. 

Update:  For those looking for something more affordable, the acrylic stacked beverage server is available for significantly less on Amazon here.

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