Biblio-Mat: Book Vending Machine Dispenses Surprise Reading

If you're a book lover, then you're probably already aware that the printed book industryBiblio-Mat Vending MachineBiblio-Mat Vending Machine has come down to feast or famine due to the popularity of e-publications. Many readers do still favor holding an actual book in their hands, but people in the business of selling them still need to come up with creative tactics. This concept combines a couple of our readers' favorite subjects - vending machines, and surprises!

Book nerds, you know you can relate to me here - sometimes you've just read far too many books, and exhausted the recommendations of your friends (okay, maybe they're just tired of you asking). So what's a reading-hungry, literature-devouring person to do when it's time to try something new? You could go browse the shelves at a bookstore of your choosing until something jumps out at you. Or you could shut your eyes as you grab a novel off the shelf, and see what you end up with.

Well, there's a vending machine concept that's designed to help with this exact problem. It's not as fancy from a technological perspective as some others we've seen before, but there is magic where modern and classic cross paths. This whimsical device is called the Biblio-Mat, and it's said to be the world's first book vending machine. It's located on Dundas Street West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at a used/collectible bookshop called Monkey's Paw.

The Biblio-Mat isn't just any ordinary book vending machine (not that it has much competition); you don't choose a title, a genre, or your favorite author. Instead, you stick a $2 coin into the machine, and SURPRISE; a totally random book pops out. They promise that you'll get something old, unusual, and a title that's not duplicated in the shop. It'll probably be something you'd never decide to pick up for yourself, but that's the allure of it all.

Monkey's Paw BookstoreMonkey's Paw Bookstore

As you probably gathered from the name, Monkey's Paw is a shop that prides itself on being eclectic, and it keeps a unique variety of books. Many are valuable, and the hard to find ones they carry make it a particularly special place to visit.

With changing reading trends, independent bookstores are definitely starting to feel the pinch. While paper books are still the most popular, each and every year people abandon them for e-readers. According to The Pew Research Center, three in ten adults have adopted the use of devices for reading. But those that have a niche angle are finding ways to continue thriving. Since everyone loves a good surprise, and vending machines that dispense items that aren't the norm, it's clear that Monkey's Paw has found their way in independent bookstore survival.

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