Bibliobath: Company Turns Classic Literature Into Waterproof Books

The season of reading has arrived! With kids out of school, there's less homework and more time to journey through fantastical worlds simply by turning pages. Summer reading isn't just for kids either; summer vacations that bring you to the beach or cottage create the opportunity for you to catch a break from the craziness of daily life, which is perfectly complimented by reading. However, summertime reading does pose some hazards that one company hopes to address.

Nothing ruins a zen moment faster, when sitting on a dock, drink in hand, and dropping your book into the lake just when it's reaching its peak of excitement. Okay, fine, dropping your drink might be equally as tragic, but when you're vacationing at the cottage you probably have more where that came from. However, it is unlikely that you've packed a second identical book in case of a water-ruining tragedy. Then you're stuck with no reading material, or at the very least, you'll fail to find out who committed the grisly murder in a timely matter and that's a dire situation when the plot has you hooked.

The good news is that a new startup called Bibliobath aspires to release a product that will circumvent this issue, so you'll never face sadness when your book ends up somewhere wet again. They have produced waterproof books that look and feel like the real thing, and they hope to have these enter the mainstream book market. 

Yes, of course waterproof books already exist, but they fall under the novelty category in most cases. For example, you'll find workout guides for swimmers, plant guides for gardeners, and maps for wet destinations available in waterproof format. Some of these look and feel closer to traditional books, and others leave no doubt in your mind that what you've got in your hands is waterproof. In addition to these books, children's bath books have been around for decades. These are usually soft, rubbery, and float when they're submerged in water. Typically, the language and content is only suitable for toddlers and younger, as they're also durable, even when handled with sticky fingers or mouths.

What's lacking in the waterproof book categories is normal books. You know, the paperback books that most adults like to read. So, Bibliobath has taken their time finding the right paper, which is made of polyprophylene and a mere 0.085mm thick. They've tested the paper, binding, and ink to see how it survives in different water temperatures and with the presence of different kinds of soaps (after all, these books are great for bath time reading, as the business name indicates, as well). 

Initially, Bibliobath tends to release a series of classic books, and each will feature a fairly simplistic cover design appropriate for the type of literature, with some added modern details. Some of the books they intend to include as part of their first publication run are 'Selected Short Stories' by Mark Twain, a collection of poems by Yeats, Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', and Sun Zi's 'The Art of War'.   As of today, they haven't completed a full print run, but they have secured a supplier to do the job. The launch of their startup is currently pending full funding through KickStarter. With 21 days to go, the unique business concept is about half way to their goal, and has been getting a ton of media attention. 

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Via: Huffington Post