Bicycle Adds A Futuristic Look To Commuting

When it comes to commuting to work, individuals are stuck with two choices: riding in a four-wheeled vehicle or walking. There used to be three choices, but nowadays it seems like no one enjoys riding a bike to work anymore. But that might change with one new concept from Thomas Jowen.

Source: Geekie Gadgets

The inventor has added another project to his portfolio with “One”, a futuristic bike that’s ideal for commuters. Along with looking very unique and stylish, the “One” is a curvy method of transportation that can be carried around in a compact form after use. Can’t find somewhere to park your bike while you do your daily job? No problem, the innovation eliminates that hassle.

With oil prices on the rise, Jowen’s project is an answer that can definitely help gas guzzlers and their transportation issues. But it may not impress bicycle enthusiasts. With no special features aside from being able to fold, the “One” is pretty much a simple bike. Another problem could be comfort. Even though the design looks sturdy, the bicycle seat looks rather uncomfortable.

To place your own judgement on the invention, you can visit Thomas Jowen’s website