Bicycle Mini DV Camera Records Your Ride

The new Bicycle Mini DV camera 400-CAM003 from Sanwa Supply is like a dash cam for your bike. With a weight of only 81 grams or just under 3 ounces, the device securely clamps to your bicycle's handlebars using any one of several available mounts.

Once in place, the camera can be manipulated in virtually any direction while it records a 160-degree view of the onrushing scenery.

A 32GB micro-SD card and a 1400mAH 3.7-volt battery allows up to 4 continuous hours of video to be recorded. In case you want to be included in your still photos and videos, a small remote control allows you to operate the camera from a distance. It gets better: an integral microphone allows you to record voice and audio to complement the imagery.

When you return home from your two-wheeled odyssey, simply connect the 400-CAM003 to your desktop or laptop computer and download the record of your trip. What would be REALLY cool is if you could send video files of your bike trips to friends & family who could then view your voyages while they work out on a stationary exercise bike.

Sanwa Supply has listed the Bicycle Mini DV camera 400-CAM003 for 16,800 yen, or around $200. Not bad for such a feature-packed, multifunctional travel gadget. (via Japan Today)

Editor's Note: There are several cameras specifically designed for bicycles available in the U.S. One example of a well-rated bicycle camera is here.

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Aug 3, 2011
by Anonymous

Darwin for the win...

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