Bicycle Parking Concept Raises Bikes Like Flags

I'm not quite sure whether I love or hate this concept, so I'll let the reader decide. This long-term bike parking solution designed by Yinnon Lehrer is based upon counter-weighted parking columns that allow you to lock your bike into place and raise it up into the air. Your bike sits high above the ground like a flag on a flagpole.

The raised design decreases the footprint of bike parking, making it more friendly to urban areas where space is a premium. It's also designed to raise awareness about bicycle commuting with the prominent display of bikes up in the sky. On the other side of the parking structure, the designer envisions a number of facilities including solar-powered shower and bathroom facilities for those commuters that don't have a place to shower, a second parking structure for extra capacity and a retail kiosk with urban lounge. Payment is handled via a card swiper.

The idea of integrating showers and bathrooms into bicycle parking seems like an excellent one, as does the idea of decreasing the amount of space that is required for bicycle storage. However, hanging your bike in the air seems like it'd attract criminals, especially if it's a nice bike. While it might be more difficult to crack than a standard bike lock, criminals have a way of figuring out a means. And the long-term aspect means they'll have plenty of time to perfect it. It also seems like your bike would be more susceptible to damage from wind and weather, being that it's hanging up in the air without any protection--perhaps some form of roof or awning could help mitigate this issue. 

What do you think: viable solution or more harm than good? 

Via: Yanko