Big Box Stores Lessen Environmental Impact With Help From Enviro Company Terracycle

We've introduced you to Terracycle before and their line of eco-friendly products. Now, Terracycle is expanding by partnering up with big box stores around the US to promote recycling of non-recyclables. It's a bold business move by a company whose ethics aren't necessarily in line with many of the consumption driven big names we're already familiar with, and smart PR for those corporations looking to improve their environmental image.

Major chains like PETCO, OfficeMax, Home Depot and Best Buy are amongst the big box stores that have setup collection points for packaging and other waste that is not typically recyclable. Terracycle is hoping to implement similar recycling centers in all stores belonging to these chains in the upcoming years, and is there any reason why they would not comply? There is no cost to the corporations hosting the collection points, and the major benefit is that it could help them redeem their image as some of America's top waste producers (measured not by statistics but popular opinion of the industry). These corporations also have the opportunity to play a role in helping out important causes, since Terracycle pays between $0.02 and $0.06 for every non-recyclable item deposited in the collection points to a charitable cause chosen by the host corporation. It's great PR and the opportunity to get involved with a good cause; if there's a downside from a business perspective, I can't see it.

Since items being deposited in these collection boxes are typically non-recyclable, Terracycle uses them to manufacture a variety of products for sale to consumers, like school supplies and stationary products. For some businesses, it's a full-cycle process, since as Glorida Campos-Hensley mentions, Office Max carries a line of Terracycle's products available for retail.

Sometimes smart business means measuring success less by profit, and more by the positive environmental and societal contributions they're involved in.

Check out Inventor Spot's original article on Terracycle by Gloria Compos-Hensley to get a better understanding of their history and their unique line of eco-friendly products.

Via: Springwise