Big Brother Amps It Up in China

from netartcommons.netfrom netartcommons.netAs if it weren’t difficult enough to act casual, criminals in China will now have an even more difficult time. They will need to find a way to slip past advanced technology now that China is employing over 20,000 surveillance cameras along their streets.

Financed by an American-based company, the software will automatically pick out faces of police suspects and track down out-of-the-ordinary activity.

This is linked together with residency cards that will be given to most citizens of a large city in China. The data on the card will include name and location ifnoratmion, but also their education level, religion of preference, ethnicity, insurance status, any past criminal record, and even reference numbers of those in authority who knows the individual such as a doctor or landlord.

This is being considered the world’s biggest attempt to align computer technology and police forces together to nap criminals who have fallen through the cracks and have yet to meet the consequences for their crimes. The city of Shenzhen already has 180,000 indoor and outdoor television cameras mounted throughout town.

Some people are protesting this as an obvious violation of privacy , however many throughout the Chinese government consider it a necessity. Unfortunately in today’s day and age, many other nations are likely to agree.

Tamara Warta
International Innovations Blogger