The Big City Dog Whisperer In New CBS Series "Dogs In The City"

CBS is presenting a first for network TV; a dog whisperer straight from New York City, a Manhattan-based professional 'dog-guru,' who visits homes with dog problems just like cable stars Cesar Milan and Victoria Stilwell.  His name is Justin Silver, he's self-taught, and he's all New Yorker!


Justin Silver walking his own dogs: photo credit: Heather Wines, via cbsnews.comJustin Silver walking his own dogs: photo credit: Heather Wines, via


Self-taught, Silver was a personal trainer before he realized his unique talent to handle dogs, all kinds of dogs.  Some dogs, like those he adopted, have been a day away from their end, because of behavior problems that made them unadoptable to most people.

Silver told TVLine, “When I work with the dogs that have serious aggression problems, those are the ones I love the most,” he shares. “I kind of cut my teeth working with dogs in shelters that had severe trust issues, the ones that get put down the quickest… So, you’ll see the episodes where I’m working with multiple rescue dogs with a lot of aggression… and those were the biggest roller coasters for me, personally.”

"I speak dog." Silver says about himself in one of his many short videos CBS has put out as teasers.  And he does seem to have 'a way' with them, explaining in another video that he cut his teeth when he adopted his own dogs. He learned to trained them as the dogs learned to trust him.



In "Dogs In The City," Silver meets with New Yorkers who are having 'issues' with their dogs, like dogs having to deal with joint custody, for example.

This should be a fun and educational series, so get your DVR's set for tonight and more Wednesday's: CBS 8:00 p.m. ET/PT!

sources:  CBS Celebrity Circuit, TVLine

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