Big Dig Ride On Digger Straigtens Out The Sandbox

From Reeves International comes the Big Dig ride-on crane, perfect for budding young construction foremen and women and a ton of fun to boot!

Sure, kids love little plastic sand scoops and tiny rakes for ensuring their sandbox play area is neat, tidy, and possibly covering up the little accident they had earlier in the day, but what if you could give them a chance to excavate the whole place and build the sandcastle they'd always been dreaming about?

Thanks to the Big Dig ride-on digger, that may just be a possibility. Made by Reeves International, the Big Dig features a 360 degree turning radius and two handles to raise, lower and manipulate its metal scoop. The Big Dig also comes with an extra-wide base to prevent tipping in the event of an uneven surface contact or when the scooping action gets intense.

Big Dig: Diggering ActionBig Dig: Diggering Action 

Simple and durable, the Big Dig can be used indoors to pick up Lego and other small objects or outdoors in the sandbox or on the beach. It also supports children up to 60 pounds, making it a great hand-eye coordination tool for a wide age range.

Some assembly of the toy is required and supervision is a must with this one as the seat-back isn't particularly high. Reviews of the Big Dig all attest to its high level of fun and superb educational value, but a number of them mention problems with the unit's construction, often having to do with the scoop welds breaking and the scoop beginning to deform.

Slight problems aside, however, the Big Dig scoops up a whole heap of fun for under $50 on Amazon and will have most kids preferring its chair over the plush one in front of your TV.

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