Bigfoot Stomps His Way Into Heart And Home – Remotely

Who doesn’t love Bigfoot? A man-myth, a legend of the forest, he’s entertained children of all ages for decades, and now Fisher Price has created a mini version of the elusive beast for kids to enjoy.


Fisher Price’s new Imaginext Bigfoot Monster is a foot-tall remote controlled robot for kids to enjoy this Holiday season, and comes complete with a variety of actions, sounds, and phrases to keep children entertained.


The Bigfoot Monster himself is mostly jointed plastic with tufts of fur on above his eyes and on his head, giving him a permanently “I’m sort of intrigued” expression. His remote comes with forward and back movement options along with six buttons that toggle happy, angry, sleep, fun, ball and exercise modes.


In angry mode he’ll tell you that he’s hungry, and in ball mode will toss around a small plastic sphere included for that purpose. If kids touch his mouth or stomach he’ll react by making noises, giggling, or chewing. Bigfoot himself comes with a rechargeable battery, but the remote control will need two AAs to make it work.


With forward rolls, arm shaking and a whole lot of sound and fury, Fisher Price’s Imaginext Bigfoot monster offers kids a great playtime along with Fisher Price’s legendary durability.


Reviews of the Bigfoot confirm that it can take a fairly significant beating, but that the battery power can be a bit sketchy. In addition, the plastic joints can be noisy when moving, making it difficult to hear the noises the Bigfoot makes or the phrases he calls out. The “ball” mode is also a bit sketchy, with perfect ball placement required in order to get Bigfoot’s thumb to “lock” properly and the thrown itself looking more like a really emphatic drop.


Still, the overall impression from user reviews is that kids are incredibly excited to play with Bigfoot and easily overlook all of his flaws. Be warned, however, that unlike the real and elusive Bigfoot, there is no missing this one in your house – whether rolling, throwing, talking or making noise, this Monster is loud.


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Source: Fisher Price