A-Bike Is The World's Smallest, Lightest Foldable Electric Bike

Riding A-BikeRiding A-Bike

If you're an urban commuter, close your eyes and picture your ideal means of transportation. Odds are you've pictured something that isn't going to make you a sweaty mess, something convenient to stow away at work, something that won't have you honking in traffic or looking endlessly for a parking spot. Odds are you've pictured something like the A-Bike, the world's smallest, lightest foldable electric bike.

More and more, the form and function of the traditional bike is changing. Bikes are getting smaller and larger; the wheels are changing sizes; they are being fitted with motors, solar panels and storage devices. The A-Bike has transformed the traditional bike into a machine perfect for those looking for commuting function and convenience. 


Looking at the A-Bike, you may think that this 26 pound bike may break in half if you try to hop on and ride. However, this compact bike, which is only 8" x 16" x 27" when folded, can support the weight of a 220 pound rider. While most football linemen may not be able to cruise around on the A-Bike, most everyone else can.

You'll be able to reach any destination within a 15 miles on a single charge of the A-Bike's battery. Of course, you likely won't need to travel that far on the A-Bike, but the fact that this e-bike can travel 15 miles on a single charge means that commuters can get to work and run any errands they need on a single charge of the battery.

Easy To Charge BatteryEasy To Charge Battery

Speaking of the battery, the A-Bike employs a 138w/h 24v 5.8Ah battery that takes about 2.5 hours to charge fully. The battery is housed on the front of the bike and can be detached for quick and easy charging. 

When the battery is fully charged, just pop it back on the bike and hit the red power button to turn the motor on. The battery features four LEDs to let you know how much charge is remaining. 

Quick Release AdjustmentQuick Release Adjustment

When you've powered on the A-Bike, just start pedaling. The A-Bike utilized a dual chain drive that has been optimized so that the rate of pedaling matches the rate that the wheels turn, so the A-Bikes small wheels don't hinder the biking experience. 

The A-Bike is a pedelec bike, which means you must pedal the bike to activate the motor. The A-Bike's brushless motor has sensors that detect when you slow down so that the motor can provide more power. When you stop pedaling or apply the breaks, the motor will cut out. 

If you're looking for the ideal commuting vehicle, the A-Bike is the thing for you. For more information, check out the A-Bike's website