Bike Caddy Makes Golf A Little Greener


Golfers have traditionally had three options when it comes to hauling the bag full of clubs around the course: lug it themselves, strap it to a golf cart, or toss it to a skinny, acne-faced teenager and throw him some Burger King money at the end of the day. The first option entailed far more effort than a game of golf should ever entail; the second pretty much eliminated exercise from the game altogether and really took a bit out of its respectability; and the third required spending way too much time with an awkward teenager whose daddy may or may not have loved him. Regardless of the choice, there was some sacrifice involved.

Aiming to split the difference, the Bicycle Golf Caddy takes the bag off your shoulders while still providing some exercise. Hook the Caddy up to your Schwinn, throw your bag on and bike to the course. Then bike around the course and get some real exercise while saving your back, neck and shoulder.

In addition to providing a nice golf solution, the Bicycle Caddy encourages a greener game of golf. Ordinarily the only thing "green" about golf is the color of that meticulously-trimmed lawn that it's played on. Other than that, acres of prime, open space being inhabited by a very select group of overprivileged, rich men rolling around on gas-spewing carts isn't exactly the most environmentally-friendly sport on the roster. Replace the golf carts with bicycles and now you've lowered impact a bit. If people start biking to the course, rather than driving, impact is even lower.

The Bicycle Golf Caddy retails for around $200. Bike (especially that swank model in the picture) is not included, so you'll have to supply that on your end.

Clean Air Gardening via DVICE